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Cooking Demonstration on Cruise

Filming with Nestle

An inspiring and energetic public speaker, Ying Chang Compestine lectures on a variety of subjects on television and radio programs, at writer's conferences, various schools and universities, aboard cruise ships, at prestigious health spas, and for numerous other organizations.


Contact Ying to learn more about her programs and workshops, or to invite her to your next public function. You can browse through some of her most requested topics below.




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left-curly-dark-bgCOOKING DEMOS, CLASSES, & FUNDRAISERS right-curly-dark-bg

Library Fundraiser

Lafayette Library Fundraiser Cooking Event.

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Cooking Class

Ying's cooking classes on a Holland America cruise.

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Whole Planet Foundation fundraiser

Hosting the Whole Planet Foundation Fundraiser at the Lafayette Public Library, with Jane Schafer and Kathy Merchant.

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Cooking events for Fundraisers: $2,500 per event,
plus transportation, lodging and meals. Or $2,200 per event, if booked as part of a paid school or conference visit. The fee covers: Help selecting recipes, consulting on ingredient shopping, preparation for the event, hosting the event, and a book signing.



crowdThere is not one day when I don't feel blessed for being able to do what I like most — writing. I love to share my writing journey with others. My program can range from a one-hour presentation to a one-day workshop, depending upon your needs. Below are some sample workshops.


(left) Presentation at the University of Denver


How to Write an Award Winning Novel — Being a Writer in Two Worlds

If you have a fantastic idea for a book, or are currently working on a book and are interested in learning how to take it to the next level, you will want to attend this informative workshop.


Ying will share with you the journey of writing her highly praised, award winning novel "Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party." She will discuss her career as a writer, shifting between Chinese and American cultures, and the challenges of writing in her second language. She will also talk about the aspects of fiction writing -- grabbing your reader with a strong hook, developing a dramatic storyline, creating unforgettable characters that are beset by powerful inner conflicts, while emphasize the importance of maintaining high literary standards.


Target Children's StageBook Signing
Presentation and book signing on the Target Children's Stage at the LA Times Festival of Books.


Writing for Your Passion

This workshop will help writers bring greater focus to their work. Each student selects an event/topic to write about, shares their writing, and responds constructively to one another's efforts. Finally, I will help students incorporate feedback and work on specific weaknesses. 


How to Sell What You Write

If you have a fantastic idea for a book, or are currently developing your masterpiece and are interested in learning how to market it, join this informative workshop and discover what you need to know to get your manuscript published. Learn what editors look for, how to create a winning book proposal, and how to sell your idea before you've completed your project. Find out how to convince a reputable publisher to publish your book and whether you should hire an agent, or negotiate a contract yourself. 


Writing Books for Children

Explores the creative and exciting world of children's books in this insightful seminar. We will cover the rewarding aspects of writing for children; the different genres of children's books; how to generate story ideas; secrets of a productive writer; finding a good agent. We will also explore the financial opportunities that writing books for children can bring to you.


Words-take-wingraising hands

Speaking to over 700 students at UC Davis' Words Take Wing event.


How to Write and Sell Your Cookbook

Do you know that cookbook writers make money not just from their cookbooks, but also by selling recipes to food magazines, websites and by acting as a spokesperson for food companies and other outlets?


Drawing upon her personal experience, Ying will share with you tips on how to sell your cookbook projects with a proposal, pitch your article ideas, and maximize profits by reusing material in print and on-line. This class offers you all the ingredients you need to get published.

  • Choosing a theme and selecting a story line
  • Writing, editing, and testing your recipes
  • Finding the right publisher, or self-publishing.

Ying has written five successful cookbooks, over 60 featured food articles for national magazines, worked as the food editor for Martha Stewart's body+soul magazine, and as a spokesperson for two international companies.


yingconfHow to Make a Living as a Writer

Who says writers have to starve? When writing for passion, you should also get paid. Let this successful author of children's books, cookbooks, magazine articles and on-line media share her secrets on how to be a productive writer and how to build a financially rewarding career. Also explore the nontraditional financial opportunities that writing can bring. Start building a profitable writing career!


Other Topics

  • Write what you know
  • How to Write and Sell Your Memoir
  • How to get started: research, critique groups, rewrites
  • How to find and work with an agent and editor



Ying advocates a healthy lifestyle through her books and her writing for magazines like Body & Soul, her workshops, and her work as a spokesperson for Maggi Asia and Celestial Seasonings.


Secrets From a Healthy Asian Kitchen

The author of Secrets From a Healthy Asian Kitchen, Ying Chang Compestine will introduce you the six key secret ingredients of a healthy Asian kitchen and their numerous benefits. She will also talk about why the traditional Asian diet is one of the healthiest in the world and the best alternative to the over-processed Western diet.


The Miraculous Healing Powers of Green Tea

Just as Americans grow up drinking a variety of fruit juices, I grew up drinking a variety of teas. I also ate many dishes prepared with tea. Yes, "ate." The Chinese have been cooking with green tea almost as long as they have been drinking it.


For centuries Chinese have revered tea as a natural healer for body and soul and have been cooking with tea almost as long as they have been drinking it.


In this workshop Ying Chang Compestine, the author of Cooking with Green Tea and the spokesperson of Celestial Seasonings will introduce you the different type of tea, it's health benefits and how to put this potent protector to work in your cooking.


Sixteen Easy Ways to Achieve Your
Dream Weight and Stay Trim

According to a recent study by the Atlanta-based research firm HealthFocus Group 54% of American women over 18 are overweight, a 2% increase from last year's figures. In this workshop you will learn the sixteen easy ways to achieve your dream weight, plus things you can do to avoid overload of fat and sodium when dining out.


Ying and VinsonYing playing badmintonYing wins first place

One of Ying's favorite sports is badminton.

Ying with her son Vinson (left).

Winning first place in Women's Singles at the Rocky Mountain State Games (right).


Asian Anti-aging Secrets
How to Stay Young and Beautiful

The latest trend in top-line cosmetics has its roots in venerable Chinese ingredients. Are there other ways to take advantage of thousands of years of beauty wisdom?


Yes, by understanding the Chinese belief that body and mind are one unit. Physical beauty is renewed with a happy and peaceful mind. These following soothing secrets will nurture your body-mind without emptying your wallet.


Tai Chi

Did you know that over 180 million people worldwide practice Tai Chi every day? This body strengthening and mind-relaxing practice is known to be a great form of internal exercise that helps improve immunity and prevent diseases.


tai-chi-beijing-2Other exercises dissipate your energy, while Tai Chi accumulates it, leaving  you feeling refreshed when you finish. The slow, dance-like speed of Tai Chi creates balance, flexibility and calmness. With an emphasis on deep breathing and using mental imagery, Tai Chi relieves stress and integrates your mind with your body.


(left) Studying Tai chi in Bejing at the beautiful Grand Palace Hotel.


This series of lecture is intended to outline some of the reasons why, and to introduce  you the basic principals of Tai Chi: balance; empty/full; weighted/non-weighted; flexibility of the waist; internal stillness; smooth movement, etc. The lectures will cover the following aspects of Tai Chi:

  • The Styles of Tai Chi
  • The History of Tai Chi.
  • The Philosophy of Tai Chi.
  • Tai Chi and balance.
  • The Basic Tai Chi Exercise Forms.



Cruise Ship Lecture 

Presentation on a cruise to Asia


Ying is a native of China, and traveled extensively throughout the region. A world traveler, Ying loves to share her wide-ranging knowledge of Asian countries and their customs, along with handy travel tips. Her extensive knowledge and dynamic speaking style make her an ideal destination lecturer.





Some of Ying's Asian Destinations


  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • The Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • India



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