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What People Say About Ying

Ying is a breath of fresh air!!  Her secret recipe for inspiring, crowd pleasing events consists of contagious enthusiasm for healthy living and motivational and empowering encouragement to follow one's dreams.  As a coordinator and a liaison for many community events for Whole Foods Market, collaborating with Ying to inspire and educate was not only easy but so much fun! Ying's can do attitude and relentless determination to succeed is a recipe I look forward to creating over and over again.
                 — Jane Shafer,
                    Marketing Team Leader,
                    Whole Foods Market


I hired Ying Chang Compestine to serve as the UC Davis School of Education's children's literature lecturer for our annual Words Take Wing event. Ying eagerly and expertly handled a live radio interview to promote her work and the event. She visited the UC Davis Children's Hospital and was personable and patient with the ill children who gathered to meet her. The following day, she addressed 650 children and teachers (3rd - 6th grade) in a presentation that was both informative and entertaining, and included a live dumpling-making demonstration with children from the audience. In the evening on the same day, she presented a highly engaging lecture to a smaller group of educators and literature lovers. She was extremely well-prepared and a delight to work with. I highly recommend Ying for just about any public speaking, cooking demonstration or reading engagement.
                 — Donna Justice,
                     Director of Marketing and Communications,
                    UC Davis School of Education


I've known Ying Compestine for a few years now, all because of her early book, Revolution is Not a Dinner Party. What a great historical, easy-read look at the occurrences preceding China's rise today as a world power. I've had the pleasure of participating in one of her quasi-Iron Chef dinners in a private home where guests buy, chop and consume a sumptious...and always healthy!...feast. Who knew green tea ice cream was so tasty?! She's a terrific speaker on everything from her personal story to cooking demonstrations.

                 — Kathy Merchant, Executive Director
                    Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation


Ying, we had a great time getting to know more about the many sides of you (author, mom, wife, motivational speaker)!  Your zest for healthy living is evident and infectious :-)  And your ability to keep us (ALL of us) on track Friday night was impressive, otherwise we'd still have you here with us, chatting away as we talked about food, family and fun. 
                 — Diane Archer


What People Say About Ying's Workshops

"Thank you so very much for putting on that workshop, it was not only amazing to get first hand tips, but completely invaluable. Your guidance has completely revolutionized how I put a story together so that I keep the agents and publishers in mind to keep life easier for them, and also for the reader in how I construct my paragraphs and chapters. I've even taken the hook that I wrote in your class and started a book with it! I laid out the chapters first, as if I were going to present it to a publisher, and it has made the writing process a lot more productive than just going with the flow."

                 — Quinn Whittaker, Book Passage Workshop Student


Your approval and help with my writing journey has meant more to me than you will ever know.

                 — Laurie Souza


"I appreciated your interest in what each of us sought to learn from the workshop and your clear effort to incorporate our personal goals into the program. Most importantly, I found your confidence and ambition infectious. [You] encouraged me to really go after the big agents and publishers and to believe in my product.  For that, I can't thank you enough."
                 — Maura Weiler


"Something that helped me specifically was your discussion about how you focus your time and energy so the writing becomes a flow instead of a struggle. I believe your workshop has helped me focus my thoughts about writing children's books so that I can translate some of my ideas into marketable stories. I also enjoyed hearing how your dreams as a child and experiences as a parent have become imbued within your stories.
                 — Cheryl A. Charis-Graves


"I gained more practical knowledge about publishing today than in four years of undergrad studies in creative writing."
                 — Student on Course Evaluation


"Ying, thank you very much for the workshop. It really was one of the best ones I've taken."
                 — Cheryl


"Thank you for an inspiring workshop! I came in with no knowledge of writing for the children's market and in eight short hours, you gave me enough writing technique and marketing information to feel like I can get started with confidence."
                 — Shelly


"... you really covered the basics of children's book publishing and encouraged the group to write from inner interest."
                 — Elaine


"Thank you for being so diligent, so focused and so professional in your approach to the class.  I found the whole experience exceeded my most optimistic expectations."

                 — Workshop Student


What People Say About Ying's School Visits



"...the students loved your author presentation!  We are all looking forward to reading your books."
                 — Debra, Head Librarian, Hamlin School, San Francisco


"We sold a ton of books.  Especially the paperback copies of Revolution. We ordered more Cooking w/ Green Tea for the girls.  You made quite an impression on them!  And it's always a pleasure working with you."
                 — Jess Ridout, bookseller at Books Inc


"Ying was a trooper. She was very flexible with our technology glitches."

                 — Librarian, Hatch Elementary School


"Ying was perfect for this event and the teachers were thrilled."

                 — Librarian, St Joseph's Elementary school, Atherton


"Ying was engaging and involving, especially since we had adults."

                 — Librarian, San Mateo Public Library


"I enjoyed how engaged Ying was with the HMB school visit that I was able to observe.  The kids asked a lot of questions and she kept on going..."

                 — Librarian, Westlake Public Library


"Thanks again for the engaging, informative, and thought provoking visit. You started a conversation about healthy living and eating that is still continuing!"

                 —Sally James, Librarian, South School, Hillsborough CA


What People Say About Ying's Skype School Visits

Recently our Kindergarten classes had a wonderful Skype session with Ms. Compestine. They were so excited to meet the author of the many books that they have read and loved such as The Runaway Rice Cake, Crouching Tiger, The Run Away Wok and any story with the Kang brothers! Ms. Compestine welcomed all of their questions with genuine interest and great warmth. She answered their questions, which ranged from her wonderful stories and life in China to favorite foods and healthy eating. The children were thrilled when she taught them a tai chi movement from "Crouching Tiger" and how to hold chopsticks properly. They have been talking non-stop about their "visit" with Ying and I am sure they will remember it for a long time. What a wonderful experience for them! Thank you Ms. Compestine - we look forward to working with you again in the future!

                 — Peggy Maxted, Kindergarten Teacher, NJ


The students loved your author presentation! We are all looking forward to reading your books.  I will be contacting you regarding speaking at the Association of Indepentdent School Librarians Conference in April. 
                 — Debra Cardone, Head Librarian,
                     Hamlin School, San Francisco


The next best thing to having Ying in person is to Skype with her!  For 3 years, she has been a part of Global Literature Circles with Web 2.0. Students were able to ask questions about Revolution Is Not a Dinner Partyand add knowledge to their cultural knapsacks.  Students are able to make new connections between book and author.

                 — Joan Collins, Librarian

                     Bedford Public School, MA


Thank you so much for another great SKYPE session. The children are talking about you like you are their new friend. ("Remember when Ying told us her favorite food?", Remember when Ying told us about living in China?"....) It is so nice to see them so excited to meet and talk with an author in today's world of sport star/ rock star heroes! Thank you for presenting them with such a memorable experience!

                 — Peggy Maxted, Kindergarten Teacher, NJ

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