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Boy Dumplings

  • Read Boy Dumplings
  • Follow the recipe in the book to make dumplings with the students
    • You can practice making dumplings with premade cookie dough or cooked sushi rice, instead of a meat filling.

I will demonstrate making dumplings and invite six volunteers to make them with me.

We won't cook the dumplings, this is just to show how to stuff them.

The PTA mother or the teachers can make dumplings, or order samples from a Chinese restaurant, to share with the students before or after the visit.

Watch video of Ying making dumplings

visit1The Runaway Rice Cake

  • Compare with the story The Gingerbread Man
  • Try tasting Rice Cakes
  • Teachers or PTA mothers can make the rice cake based on the recipe from the book, and share with the students.
  • Check out a book and share the events of the Chinese New Year Holiday

The Story of Chopsticks

  • Use the directions in the back of the book for using chopsticks. Practice with marshmallows or beans.

Revolution is Not a Dinner Party

A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts

  • Read the book
  • Students can cook the recipes in the book and bring them in to share in a classroom banquet


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